Wedding invitations set the tone for your big event, and you don’t want to invite your guests with something that’s not your style. So if you’re looking to surprise your guests with an invitation that feels more personal than a traditional layout, there are many different ways to amp up the creativity of your wedding invitations.


How can you customize your invitation? Well, you can customize everything from the type of paper it’s printed on to the stamp that seals the envelope. But remember: There’s way more to your invitations than the paper they’re printed on. Here are 3 unique ways you can customize your wedding invitations:


1. Color Blocking


Consider an invitation with a warm color palette, consisting of sunshine-themed hues in a mood-enhancing color block style.


2. Illustrated Invitations


A whimsical alternative to the traditional wedding invitation could be in the form of an illustrated fold-out watercolor invitation. For example, this fun design may possibly feature the bride and groom holding hands in front of the sunset at the beach where they’re planning on tying the knot.


3. Take the Royal Route


If you love all things royal, consider a design fit for a queen like yourself. Colors like white, champagne, gold, silver, royal blue, or deep purple help complete this invitation design.