Door hangers can be a cost-effective solution to spreading brand awareness, finding new business, and business that lasts. Depending on your industry, businesses can have varying levels of success. But generally speaking, hangers are fantastic forms of physical marketing opportunities that if strategized correctly, can garner high returns quickly.


What makes a door hanger campaign successful?


Quickly being able to identify on the door hanger what your service is, how much it costs, and what I would be saving using your service should be a top priority. The presentation of the hanger visually is of course important as well, but getting information on your business digested by the consumer as quickly as possible will heavily impact your long-term ROI.


What kind of businesses do well with door hangers?


Anything in the service-based industry can do fantastic with door hangers, as well as get a strong ROI even when just beginning their campaign. This includes plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. Giving consumers a flier to be able to point to when they’re in need with some kind of deal attached pushes fear of missing out with ease. 


What kind of results should I expect in terms of ROI?


Depending on the deal you are advertising with each door hanger, the ROI can vary a great deal. But before you jump to conclusions about the amount of visits you got in the initial run at door hangers, consider the lifetime value of a customer to your business, and how likely they are to return after their first visit. If the average customer even just returns two or three or more times across the course of a year, it’s important to consider the entire annual value of their business rather than the initial visit that may have been at a discounted price.