Many people email marketing campaigns with spam mail, and you won’t be able to convince them otherwise. Make sure that when entering into the email marketing arena, that you make it enjoyable enough for your customers that they feel inclined to participate in the offers you make. Here are some techniques to optimize your email marketing efforts.


Offer a coupon or deal to customers who add their names to your marketing email list. Place a form on your website where customers are able to sign up, and set the form to automatically email new customers a coupon after they submit the form. This encourages customers to continue opting in to receive future marketing materials so that you won’t be accused of sending out spam.


Before using email marketing, create a test email and send it to a friend or family member. Your loved one can see how the email looks and give you feedback. This way, if any changes need to be made, you can do it before sending the emails out to customers.


Be sure you proofread your emails before you send them. It is imperative that your emails be error-free. Test your email layout by sending it to yourself first; that is a sure way to be certain everything is displayed perfectly. Ensure that every link is working, as well.


The easier it is to subscribe to your email newsletter, the more subscribers you will have. If you have a physical store, ask your customers for their email addresses when they make a purchase. If you sell on a website, ask them for their address when they are ready to check out.